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Customers feel overwhelmed, stressed and generally anxious when it comes to building a new home.
We're automating a significant part of the buying process.

This helps customers visualise their home more easily.
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It's manual.
Customers are given a table with values and have to manually calculate out if a home will fit on a block of land.
It's repetitive & slow.
Setback requirements change every time with countless combinations of different land estates and different land sizes.
Busy home consultants.
Due to the process being slow, home consultants don't give customers the time they deserve.
Human error.
Due to the process being manual, this leaves a greater chance for error – costing money and credibility.

We've thought about each step of the new home journey

Easier for everyone

By making it instant to figure out if homes will fit on a block of land, it makes it easier for everyone.

Increased leads for consultants

Curbos increases the quality of a potential lead – ensuring transparency and reassurance for buyers.

Building trusting relationships

Land agents will spend better quality time with customers by achieving better rapport and greater satisfaction with the final outcome.

Increased productivity

Builders won't need to process potential jobs that aren't feasible – increasing productivity and project conversions.

How will Curbos generate revenue?

Free for new home buyers

Curbos is free to use for new home buyers and accessed via their new home consultant

Subscriptions for commercial partners

Our revenue model is subscription-based. Land developers and builders will be charged a monthly subscription fee.

Advertising for premium partners

Curbos will also generate revenue from advertising with a premium subscription offering. Other construction and service brands will also be able to advertise on the site.

We're building a better future for new home buyers.

Kangaroo Point, Queensland
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